Streaming Media with PirateBox

PirateBox includes the ReadyMedia Media Server which automatically streams video and music files to computers and other handheld devices. This means that any video or audio files uploaded to the PirateBox will automatically begin streaming on the PirateBox wireless network.

Add Media Files to Your PirateBox

You can upload movie or music files to your PirateBox by using the built-in browser-based file upload system and those files will automatically begin streaming over the PirateBox wireless network.

You can also copy media files directly to your PirateBox by powering down your box and plugging the USB drive directly into your computer. This can be a faster way of loading multiple large files onto your PirateBox. Simply drag your media files to the “share” folder on your USB drive and then reinsert the USB drive into your PirateBox and power it up. Once your PirateBox has fully started, it will automatically begin streaming the media file over the PirateBox wireless network.

Watch or Listen to Streaming Media

To watch or listen to streaming media files on your device, you will need to use a UPnP compliant media player. Fortunately, there are several good free options available for laptops and other handheld wireless devices:

From a Laptop

If you plan to connect to PirateBox with a laptop computer, you should first download and install the Kodi Media Player. You can learn more about the Kodi Project here.


Once you have installed Kodi, follow these steps to access the media files hosted on the PirateBox network:

1. Power up your PirateBox and join the PirateBox wireless network.

2. Open Kodi, and from the main screen click on the “VIDEOS > Files” link.

3. Click on the “Add Videos…“ link and then click the “Browse” button.

4. Scroll down to click on the “UpNP Devices” link and then click on the “PirateBox DLNA” link.

5. Click the “OK” button and then again on the second “OK” button.

6. Now select the “PirateBox DLNA” link and begin browsing the video files on your PirateBox.

7. Note that to listen to music streaming from your PirateBox, you can repeat the steps above but by clicking the “MUSIC > Files” link in step #2.

From an Android Device

If you plan to connect to PirateBox with a laptop computer, you should first download and install BubbleUPnP and MX Player from the Google Play Store.

From an iPhone/iPad

If you plan to connect to PirateBox with an iPhone or iPad, you should first download and install Ace Player from the iOS App Store.

To use it, join the PirateBox wireless network from your iPhone or iPad and open Ace Player. Add the PirateBox DLNA server as a new media server and browse the files on your device to find a video or audio file. The media on the PirateBox should begin streaming to your iPhone or iPad within a couple of seconds.

Streaming Video Tips

To improve your video streaming experience, it is best to optimize the video files by first converting them to an appropriate size and video codec. One easy way to do this is to convert your video files using a transcoder like the Handbrake Open Source Video Transcoder.